Why You NEED Cheap Baby Clothes

So you’ve welcomed your new baby into the world, and discovered the necessity of getting cheap baby clothes. You haven’t? Oh. Well read on…

You see, when they’re born, you’ll have friends, family and even distant relatives lavishing gifts upon you. Yes, sometimes they’ll give you very clever practical things, like bottle heaters and travel cribs. But usually, they’ll just get you clothes. Cute clothes. Fancy clothes. Designer clothes. Lots and lots and lots and lots of nice baby clothes!

But then you have a problem. See, babies grow quickly, and although a Tommy Hilfiger outfit will look soooo cute when it fits, it will only fit for a very short period of time. If it fits during a growth spurt (and believe me, there will be many of those), then you may only have a very short window of opportunity to dress them up, take the photo, send it on to aunty Jane with a note saying “See! They’re wearing it! They love it! We love it! Here’s the proof!!!!!”, before promptly changing their clothes so that you can go through the whole routine again with Uncle Bob’s gift. Better be quick… they won’t fit next week!

The point is, babies need lots of clothes, not just the cool funky baby shower gifts, but practical day-to-day wear. And you’ll be replacing their wardrobe very often. So don’t worry about buying lots of bargain-basement apparel: nobody who knows anything about babies will look down on you for not buying the latest D&G booties. Get lots of essentials wherever you can, and make friends with lots of other parents, especially if they’ve got slightly older kids. Parents just love giving their baby’s used clothes to a loving home, and you will too when yours have outgrown them.

With a little imagination, common sense and shopping around, dressing your lovely baby need not cost the earth. Nor should it mean compromise: cheap does not have to mean nasty. With the help of the articles on this site, we’ll show you how to get cheap baby clothes, where to get them, and why it’s cool to save your dollars for the really important stuff!

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