Where to Find Cheap Baby Clothes Offline

Shopping bag for cheap baby clothesSometimes it just feels great to get away from the computer for a while, and venture into the wider world. And when you’re shopping for cheap baby clothes, it’s hard to beat the feeling of going into a bricks and mortar store and seeing the products first hand. The only downside, of course, is that retail stores are expensive to run compared to websites, so are there any real bargains to be had from going into a real shop?

If you’re careful, the answer is definitely yes!

Let’s start with the big retailers. Walmart, Kmart, Target, Old Navy… the list goes on. All of these stores have huge buying power, and pass their savings onto their customers. The great thing about larger retailers is that it is cost effective for them to get rid of older stock as quickly as possible at crazy prices, so now and again you’ll see great savings in their sales.

Here’s a tip: buy clothes long before you need them. If you’re pregnant and there’s a sale on, buy what you can. If your baby is a month old and there’s only clothes for 6 month infants available in the sale, get them anyway. If you wait until the clothes fit, you run the risk of missing the bargains! Always look out for the bargain rails too any time of year, and don’t forget to check the factory outlets if there are any close by.

Next we have the specialist baby stores. You know the ones: Babies “R” Us, Gymboree, Baby Gap, The Children’s Place. These have great deals too, and best of all, their staff are ready to help with more focused advice. Talk to an assistant in Walmart, and they may be only working part time after college. Walk into a Gymboree store, and there’s a better chance their staff know a lot more about baby clothes. The advice they may have can be invaluable.

Another baby store worth mentioning is Once Upon a Child, because they buy and sell gently used clothes. This is a great way of getting cheap baby clothes, because they’re all second hand. Don’t let that put you off though: used baby clothes are usually in excellent condition.

And speaking of used baby clothes, make a habit of paying regular visits to your local charity shops and thrift stores for great deals, and check out any local garage sales in your area from time to time.

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