Three Rules for Buying Cheap Baby Clothes on eBay

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eBay LogoeBay is undoubtedly a household name when it comes to internet auctions. You can find just about anything for sale there: cameras, toys, and even cars! People are constantly looking for bargains, both new and second hand, and cheap baby clothes are no exception.

With such a wide choice available, it can sometimes become a little overwhelming. You may have heard rumors about people who practically live on eBay, waiting to make the right bid at just the right time. If you’re like most parents, however, your life is probably busy enough, so how can you be sure of getting the best deals if you can’t afford to stay online all day?

Thankfully, the good folks at eBay have come up with lots of easy ways to find just what you’re looking for!

Rule #1: Register

You can find many baby clothes for sale on eBay, but until you register, all you can do is look. Buying, selling and tracking auctions is only available to members. So sign up first: it’s easy, and free!

Rule #2: Look for lots

Although eBay has a vast community of private sellers – people just like you – economies of scale still apply. There are many auctions selling an individual baby t-shirt or dress, but when you factor in shipping costs, they may not be such a good deal. Instead, look for

. This is where a seller is trying to sell off a batch of clothes that perhaps their own baby has outgrown. Rather than going through the hassle of selling everything individually, you can pick up the lot for one great price. And because it’s just one purchase from one seller, the shipping cost per item usually works out much cheaper.

Rule #3: Use eBay’s tools

eBay are constantly adding useful tools to help you find exactly what you want. When you find an auction you’re interested in, you can receive alerts about it whenever somebody outbids you, so you don’t have to keep watching it yourself. My personal favorite tool, however, is their search function. You know how search works: type in what you’re looking for, and browse the results. But eBay take it one step further by allowing you to save your search, and receive daily updates. Imagine searching for “baby clothes lots”, for example, and then receiving emails every day letting you know about the latest auctions available!

Any parent looking for cheap baby clothes (and, indeed, any baby products) should sign up to eBay. It is a wonderful auction website that works around your lifestyle, and that’s something any parent will appreciate!

Live on eBay right now:

Here are a few sample auctions on eBay right now, but there’s undoubtedly many more at any one time. Feel free to look around!

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2 Responses to Three Rules for Buying Cheap Baby Clothes on eBay

  1. cheap baby says:

    Thanks for the hints on registering on ebay, I always feel a bit daft when I go there to, so great tips.

  2. Panama says:

    Who doesn’t love dressing their baby in great baby clothing and adorable outfits? Some parents find that more often they get sucked into “I just HAVE to have it!” clothing purchases for their baby rather than for themselves. But all those purchases add up, sometimes quickly. Here are some tips on how to find affordable (even free!) cheap baby clothes that won’t break the piggy bank.