Cheap Baby Designer Clothes

Cheap Designer Baby ClothesFew things look quite as cute as a baby wearing designer labels! Yes, I know I keep saying that your little one will have outgrown everything within an afternoon, but let’s face it: if you’re bringing your baby along to a family gathering, you’ll want to show them off at their best. A simple cotton tee with “Dad Rocks!” emblazoned on it is fine for day-to-day wear, but it just doesn’t work as well as a perfectly co-ordinated Armani mini-outfit.

But this blog is about cheap baby clothes, so let’s go find some designer bargains!

Shop the sales

The most obvious way to get cheap baby designer clothes is to stock up whenever there’s a sale on. Don’t limit yourself to clothes that fit your baby now, but get things they’ll grow in to. It gives everyone something to look forward to!

Designer labels are usually expensive when they first hit the shelves, but once the next season rolls around, old stock needs to be cleared out to make way for the latest designs. That’s why there are such great savings to be had in sales.

And don’t forget that, thanks to the internet, you can get invited to sales nearly every day, so you don’t have to wait for your local store to offer bargains once or twice a year. Check out, for a great example of invite-only sales (don’t worry, it’s free to join!)

Factory Outlets & Second Hand Stores

Factory outlet stores are often run by the labels themselves, or big brand retailers like Gap, and provide the owners with an opportunity to sell direct to the public, rather than through a third party. Often, they sell clothes that are blemished in some way, and may have been returned to the factory, but generally, the quality is still excellent.

There are even stores that specialize in second hand baby clothing. One notable example is Once Upon a Child, because they have such high standards, and you’re sure to pick up a designer outfit for a great price!

Online Auctions

I’ve mentioned

before: it’s probably the world’s best known auction website, and there are always bargains available. People regularly sell off last season’s designer baby clothes, so keep an eye out for something suitable. You can also set up alerts, so that you’re notified about relevant auctions by email, without having to check in every day.

There are also many other auction sites out there too, some of which specialize in baby clothing and other products. MommyAuctions is a well known one for example, but search around and you’ll surely find many more. The great thing about them is that they tend to have a wonderful community with the same interests as you!

Classified Ads

The king of classified ad sites is undoubtedly CraigsList, and you can easily find items for sale in your locality through this web site. There are other options too: GentlyUsed, for example, specializes in buying and selling baby products, and you’ll often find designer baby clothes there.


Is it possible to get designer baby clothes for free? If you’re lucky, then yes! There’s a good chance that friends and family will buy you gifts of designer clothes at the baby shower or on the birth itself (perhaps a few hints from you will help!) Beyond that, keep a regular eye on your local FreeCycle website: you might just strike gold if you’re lucky, and quick!

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  2. Baby clothes says:

    Designer baby clothes are so cute!

    Definitely like the idea of dressing my little one in an Armani original!

  3. Tiara Norris says:

    Designer cloths are really looking beautiful.