Calling all Cheap Baby Clothes Stores!

Do you own, or work in a store that sells cheap baby clothes? Is there a cheap baby clothes store in your area that everyone should know about? If so, then we want to hear from you!

Right now we’re in the process of creating a directory of stores worldwide to make life a little easier for parents. Over time, we hope to create a truly useful service that will début later on this Summer.

But there’s a problem. You see, it’s easy enough to find out where all the big multiples are, and that’s great. However, we’d really love to include all those quirky, local, mom & pop stores too. We believe that they offer a unique experience to parents, and should be recognized for their heroic efforts to run a business in these difficult times.

So let us know where you are! Go to our contact page, and tell us a little bit about your store. And leave some contact details so we can let you know when the directory goes live!

Yes, there’s a little bit of small print, but nothing sneaky! All suggestions will be subject to verification, and may be edited prior to publishing. Email addresses will not be published without the explicit written consent of an authorized store representative. We may, however, offer a more secure method of allowing users to send emails without revealing addresses (e.g. by using a form) if there is demand for such a service. This will have an opt-out facility. Email addresses will not be shared with any third party, and will only be used by us in the following circumstances: 1) To notify you when the store directory becomes operational; 2) To give you the one-time option to opt-in to other email services; 3) To contact you in the unlikely event of any security issues pertaining to this website that may affect you. There is no charge to get listed in the cheap baby clothes store directory.

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