Cheap Baby Clothes in the UK

Cheap Baby Clothes UKIf you search for cheap baby clothes online, you’ll no doubt be presented with many of the big US names. Perhaps this isn’t so surprising, as it’s such a large market, but for the benefit of our friends on the other side of the pond, we thought we would take this opportunity to look at cheap baby clothes, UK focussed!

Of course, many online stores will still sell to the UK, but when you factor in shipping costs, sometimes it can be prohibitively expensive. So let’s look at a few local options instead.

The High Street

Starting on the high street, there are many big retailers that will be familiar to our UK visitors. One of the best known stores for big brands with little prices is TK Maxx. Although they don’t specialise in baby clothes, you can undoubtedly find many great baby brands there every day at bargain prices. Their website seems to concentrate on adult fashions and accessories, so you really need to visit their stores to stock up on essentials for your little one.

There are also big stores that concentrate exclusively on baby products, with some great bargains to be had from the likes of Mothercare and Adams, among others. Check them out regularly, especially during the sales, and don’t be shy about talking to the sales assistants for advice about getting even better bargains. They’re there to help, so make the most of them!

Find out from their staff if they have any clearance racks, when their sales are on, and also, if it’s worth getting a cheaper version of any item. Remember, these are established brands who are more interested in getting regular customers than one-off big sales, so they’ll be happy to give you value for money to ensure that you return again and again.

Baby Clothes Online

As you’ll probably be busy enough with your new arrival, many parents will still resort to the Internet for their shopping. That’s fine, the high street stores mentioned above also have an Internet presence, and are worth checking out because they’ll often have web-only deals, and often, free shipping too. This is a great way of getting bargain prices and convenience too!

But don’t stop there: some of the biggest Internet retailers also have UK subsidiaries. Check out for just about anything you could need, including cheap baby clothes. If you find that the items you’re ordering don’t qualify for free shipping, then try ordering other baby items too, like bedding, bottles, even car seats. If you’re going to pay some shipping, you may as well stock up on convenience!

Internet auction king eBay also has a UK site, and it’s worth creating an account with them, even if it’s just to set up automatic alerts. Because there are a lot of private sellers on eBay, you can usually expect to pay delivery costs. To turn this into an advantage, try buying lots instead of individual items, as this will give you better value for money. Don’t worry, you’re going to need to stock up on baby clothes, so you can never have too many!

Cheap & Used Baby Clothes Through Classified Ads

And then there are the classified ads sites, which are as popular in the UK as they are anywhere else. One nice local buy & sell site is, but also check out some of the global classified sites, as they usually have a local focus too. Craigslist & Freecycle are two great examples of this, and often, you’ll find gently used baby clothes available in your area for free!

So don’t worry, UK, there are plenty of great resources available for you to get cheap and used baby clothes without having to order from the other side of the pond. The Internet may open up many new markets to buy from, buy usually, it’s quicker, easier and cheaper to just go local! If you’ve any more suggestions for cheap baby clothes in the UK, let’s hear about them in the comments below…

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